Poke Her Nite

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I would say this girl is kind of the star of this Dare Dormupdate.  I don’t know why I picked a picture of her from behind because her big tits are what really make her special.  They are all natural and super floppy just love seeing a girl like this ride a cock.  This party is probably the dumbest party I have ever seen just because there are like 15 guys to 2 girls and those right there are never good odds.  The guys don’t even get to gang bang one of these girls they all just couple up and then the camera man catches the fucking while everyone else just kind of cheers them on.  I don’t know if I would just stay there and watch, I would probably try to get my own pussy… Or go back to the dorm room and watch my own personal porn instead of being surrounded by dudes.  It will always be one of those crazy memories you have though.  Remember that time we were at a dorm party and 3 girls just started fucking their guys right there in public.  That’s a pretty good story I must say.


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